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A huge online database of over 10,000,000 manufactured and consumer goods and other related products and a network of more than 100,000 Registered suppliers.

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Benefits of using Shamwaa App

wide range of products
Wide range of products

With more than 1 million products from more than 100,000 manufacturers and suppliers, you get the freedom to compare different product with different criteria’s and pick the product of your choice.

Convenience (simplicity and comfort)

You can buy products from anywhere with and having to move away from your workspace or home. It is just a few clicks from the comfort of your own home or workspace and the product will be yours.

save time
Save time

Do you have time only in the evening or even at night? shamwaa App is open 24/7time .it takes less time to select and pay for products.

save money
Save money

With shamwaa App there are no middlemen, no buying Agent and it doesn’t require you travel to china you will buy directly from manufactures.

about us

Shamwaa App Core Role

  • Quality Inspection – We have partner with an independent inspection company to perform all inspection procedure at shipment. Inspection will be done at all goods purchased by customs, so as to make sure you get your desired product at best quality are in compliance with regulation and meet any relevant product safety standard. And you don’t receive a shipment that is will short of your desired stranded.
  • Warehousing – We process and huge warehouse located in Guangzhou (china) where are store all goods with our flexible warehouse solution, you will benefit from modern and secured storage facilities worldwide. Our highly qualified staffs are capable of handling all types of cargo and modern equipment ensures a safe handling of your goods.
  • Shipping Of Air Cargo – A far reaching refined, network to enable smooth, uninterrupted freight transport and sea shipping access. Depending on your need we will take full responsibility from the moment we receive your goods all the way to the find destination -we take a professional approach to deliver customised logistics solution.
  • Clearing And Forwarding – We offer customs clearance facilities at all Tanzania port and airport. We clear all types of consignment be it 20ft/40ft container.

Quick & Easy Way To Use Shamwaa App With Best Features

product search
Product search portal (catalogue)

Means customers to browse through the Shamwaa App and view products, videos and prices. searching also allows Customer to find certain product that satisfy a set criteria.

product search
Automated invoice

An automated method for users to be billed for their order made on the platform the invoice can be paid either through mobile money platform or credit bank transfer.

product search
Login system

A login system that highly secured with an end to end technology with help to protect your personal information from internet hackers.

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product search
Product ordering

Means for customers to make orders about products that they have visited, user can use this feature to order secure multiple product in a single request.

product search
Cargo tracking/ order tracker

Shamwaa App tracking including features like shipment tracking estimated delivery date and frequently update on the order takes, which allows you to monitor all your orders.

product search
24/7 customer support

Shamwaa App works 24hrs a day,7 days a week for you.

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Our Work Process

Our primary responsibility is to make financial business success of local african businesses, to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive purchasing Experience.

product ordering
Product Ordering

Through the system customers can search for products, make orders and pay for their orders. Once the order is paid, the system will notify the respective supplier of the order made to his/her products.

product inspection
Products Inspection

All the goods will be delivered by supplier at our warehouses where we will perform all inspection procedures, the inspection will be done of all goods(products) purchased by customers.

product shipping
Products Shipping and Delivery

After the inspection, all the goods that have passed the inspection will be compressed and/ or packed, all goods will be shipped to each specified destination (Air cargo is within 5 to 7 working days and shipping is after 28 to 30 days from the day departure from china) then delivered to the customers addresses.


Frequently Asked Queries


is an online platform that provides YOU (our customers) the access to buy from different online manufactures and suppliers from china to Africa as we take care of everything for you, payment, shipping, clearing and delivery!

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The Shamwaa App is online business, we are open 24/7 throughout the year.

To make it as easy and convenient for our customers to be able to make orders anytime and from anywhere they are in the country, We have multiple Payment getaways to pay with, You can choose the payment method when you are checking out, we accept:
Mobile Payment

Credit Card
CRDB Bank Transfer to our CRDB Bank Account

Air Cargo is within 10 working days and Shipping is 28 days.